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As one of Avoca's upcoming, high-profile developments was ready to hit the market, Creades was approached to develop phase one of their marketing materials for a 'register your interest' campaign. Given its uniquely artistic and modern design, luxurious finishes and close proximity to Avoca Beach, we decided that the brand strategy of "Water Meets Art" would accurately capture the story and message behind the new property.

We decided to name it 'Canvas' and utilise calming water colour imagery in all visuals in order for the marketing materials to embody the beach environment surrounding the building as well as the luxuriousness of the apartments. The simple yet pretty shore-like watercolour painting is not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but it is a strategic design element that evokes the feeling of 'water meets art'.

As phase one is now successfully complete, we look forward to building the remainder of the campaign and strengthening it even further to reach the right people, and tell the right story.

Delivery: Naming, brand identity, brand strategy, flyer, canvas print.

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