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Timely. Affordable. Convenient. These words don’t usually come to mind when you think about dispute resolution, but with this project, Creades took on the interesting challenge of developing a brand that expresses exactly that. Based in Canberra and Sydney, Rashidi Dispute Resolution Firm communicated the extreme importance of a clear visual strategy within the logo and brand identity.

Their ultimate goal is to solve disputes without the need to enter the courthouse, an often time-consuming, costly, and inconvenient process. Given the nature of their business, Creades proposed that the brand be built around a circular maze. The analogy communicates the idea that much like mazes, disputes may seem complicated and difficult to navigate at first glance. As a result, Creades designed the logo with the centrepiece being a simple maze that can be completed in a matter of seconds. We wanted to show that with Rashidi, the complicated can transform into the easily solvable.

Delivery: Brand identity, brand strategy, visual guidelines, stationery, imagery.

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