Amara - Westmead
Amara - Westmead

Residential living, redefined.

Amara is a sophisticated, boutique, apartment project developed by Eastern Pacific. The project features 54 beautifully-designed apartments, stylish lobby, rooftop communal areas and two commercial spaces in Westmead. Amara captures the relaxed lifestyle wanted by young families whilst remaining centrally accessible to both culturally vibrant Parramatta and Greater Sydney - Amara isn’t just a home, it is a lifestyle.

The brand for Amara focuses on sophistication, with a minimal identity inspired by the exterior aesthetic of the development. With a focus on minimalism, the identity is then complimented by a soft and restricted colour palette, allowing the Amara apartment itself to make a contemporary statement. The detailing of the apartments is reflected in the brand, with each icon, typeface and graphic treatment carefully considered throughout the campaign.
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02 half
03 Half
04 Full
05 Full
06 Half
07 Half
08 Full
10 Full
11 Full
12 Half
13 Half
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16 Full
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20 Half
21 Half
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