Baytina - Arabic for ‘our home.’

Baytina are a premium tile supplier located in Canberra with service offerings Australia wide. With an impressive showroom and equally impressive range of tiles, Baytina are disrupting the tile market through high quality tiles at an accessible price. This purpose drives Baytina as cementing the new cornerstone of both product and experience for Australia’s tiling industry.

With a minimal B shape reflective of a bespoke cut tile, the tile itself is made the focus of the Baytina brand through all its graphic representations. From strategy, copywriting, identity, branding and digital, the Creades team sought to design a look and feel beyond the supply of tiling with a considered, refined and aesthetically driven brand.
01 Full
02 half
03 Half
04 Full
05 Half
06 Half
08 Half
09 Half
10 Full
11 Half
12 Half
13 Full
14 Full
15 Half
16 Half
17 Full
18 Half
19 Half
20 Full
21 Half
22 Half
23 Full
24 Full
25 Full