Centurion Ceramics
Centurion Ceramics

Redefining accessibility by providing access to the best.

Centurion Ceramics are a wholesale provider of tiles to builders and developers. Working with large scale projects such as apartments and high-rise buildings, Centurion Ceramics offer a vast range of beautiful tiles at an accessible rate. Their purpose is to bridge the gap between design, quality and affordability.

Taking inspiration from the tiling process itself, the logo for Centurion Ceramics resembles the patterns carved into the adhesive when laying down tiles whilst still representing ‘C’s’ in an abstract way. Creades branded Centurion with the intent of being minimal to let the quality and breadth of the tile range speak for themselves. From the product catalogue to their website design, the brand took on a very graphic but restricted approach to draw focus on the products themselves.
01 Full
02 Half
03 Half
05 Full
06 Half
07 Half
08 Full
11 Full
10 Half
09 Half
12 Full
13 Half
14 Half
15 Half
16 Half
17 Full
18 Half
19 Half
20 Full