Forward thinking. Forward moving.

Earthworx is an industry-leading provider of site preparation and early works services to the residential and commercial construction and infrastructure industries by covering demolition, excavation, remediation, waste management, haulage and many other services. With extensive experience, skillsets and machinery, Earthworx are widely considered the trusted option for the early stages of development within the construction industry.

With a brand strategy focusing on proactivity and a key point of difference being a ‘Forward Thinking’ approach, the Earthworx logo incorporates an iconic arrow system with the ‘X’ that continues as a graphic device throughout the brand. To emphasise the future-focused vision of Earthworx, a bold colour palette was introduced and accented by a vibrant green to reflect one of their key messages and values around sustainability. Creades were tasked with rolling out the Earthworx brand across a broad range of touchpoints, from stationery and truck signage, to the uniform, website and more.
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