Hunta Property
Hunta Property

Building loyalty in a property advisory firm.

Hunta Property are a Sydney based property advisory firm who focus on both front-end property acquisition and development management. They are a team of broadly experienced and specialised experts, providing a competitive advantage in the field. Hunta Property pride themselves on providing a solution that breaks down complex services into a process that is both transparent and simple, ensuring that the client remains both understanding and confident.

The Hunta branding process involved strategy, logo development, colour palette, typography, print and digital. All of these aspects had to strengthen Hunta’s objectives and future-vision through a brand that spoke to both professionalism and trust. The Hunta Property branding focused a minimal yet refined look and feel through contemporary typefaces alongside a tasteful colour palette. Named after our client’s dog, Creades put the pooch at the forefront of the brand as a refined but simple identity, overlooking and instilling a sense of loyalty across all identity touchpoints.
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