A hub for like-minded fine car enthusiasts.

Inncarnation is a social group for rare, vintage, sport and muscle car enthusiasts. It’s a social club driven by passion for craft and Creades understood the enthusiasm that the founder and members each shared. To them, their cars are not just vehicles, but rather, a vessel for quality, craft, stories and escape. The brand is structured around the three main aspects that make up the name Inncarnation. Inn - the place to socialise with others and make like-minded friends. Car - they are a group dedicated to covering all things vehicle related. And Nation - a club for like-minded individuals.

The Creades team focused on the appreciation of craft as the strategy. This resulted in a brand with refined typography, treated photography, graphic icons and colours that are reflective of a vintage era. Further to this, the language of the brand spoke to common sentiments shared by car enthusiasts, such as, ‘it’s about the stories, not the destination.’ The Creades creative team developed a strategic concept that offers both scalability in its design system as well as the feeling of togetherness for its members.
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