Killarney Ponds - Box Hill
Killarney Ponds - Box Hill

Room to play. Room to grow. Room to live.

With the tagline, ‘Room to play. Room to grow. Room to Live.’ Killarney Ponds celebrates the perfect mix of outdoors alongside a cosmopolitan lifestyle. Situated in Box Hill, the Killarney Ponds apartments are surrounded by lush grasslands within a growing community. Fitted with premium finishes and smart technology, the apartments offer a premium standard of living in Sydney’s North-West.

As a property marketing campaign, Killarney Ponds was branded with a contemporary look and feel that could speak to both the tranquil and cosmopolitan lifestyle whilst still allowing the residences to shine. Creades were tasked with the campaign branding, brochure and website which was held together by a simple but bold identity, colourful palette and refined typography that embraces beautiful outdoor imagery and lifestyle photography.
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