Local Kombucha
Local Kombucha

Clean and healthy everyday beverages. Made local.

Local Kombucha are a Western-Sydney based beverage company celebrating health and taste through their Kombucha products. Their family-owned Capitol Foods Co. have a deep connection to Parramatta and the Western Suburbs, operating in the food and beverage space for over 30 years. Offering decades of local passion bottled into great tasting products, Local Kombucha needed a visual refresh to reflect the values of their Kombrewery.

Creades were tasked with the branding and packaging for Local Kombucha with two main objectives: keeping true to the values held by the family operated business and creating a contemporary look and feel reflecting the clean nature of the Kombucha. Bright and vibrant colours were selected for each flavour in the range with accompanying ingredients illustrated in a vintage way to reflect the heritage of the business. Finally, a simple and modern logo was designed to overarch and tie together all of the flavours in the range, creating a scalable brand that can easily accommodate for more food and beverage products.
01 Full
02 Half
03 Half
05 Full
06 Half
07 Half
08 Full
09 Half
10 Half
11 Full
12 Half
13 Half
14 Full
15 Full
16 Half
17 Half
18 Full