Loco Fit
Loco Fit

A high-energy, high-performing, state of the art gym.

Based in Merrylands’ Stockland Shopping Centre, Loco Fit is a high-energy gym run by passionate people who are crazy about fitness and health. The gym is a modern space with world-class equipment that also offer guided programs with an emphasis on being supportive with a social community. Being a completely new gym, Loco Fit needed a brand to help get them recognised in the active lifestyle industry.

Creades approached the branding for Loco Fit with the intention of designing a space that reflected the energy of gym enthusiasts. The brand strategy revolved around creating an immediately recognisable identity that was dynamic and scalable but also simple and inviting. An energetic yellow with bold typefaces were crafted alongside positive and active photography to highlight a gym that values high-intensity and results whilst still remaining inviting and social. Following the launch of the brand during a customer registration period, Loco Fit were able to sign-up over 300 members prior to their opening.
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