Matt Borg Real Estate
Matt Borg Real Estate

A realtor who understands the Illawarra market.

Based in Illawara and operating within the surrounding Southern Sydney areas, Matt Borg Real Estate works with property sales, rentals and developments. The founder, Matt Borg, has over two decades of experience in the real estate industry and truly understands the essence of the local market. Buying, selling and moving into a new home can be a daunting task – Matt Borg offers experience and knowledge to help home buyers achieve their vision and goals.

Creades’ recognised Matt’s emphasis on integrity, trust and transparency. The brand for Matt Borg Real Estate utilised a clean and minimal approach, allowing the professional but trustworthy character of Matt to come through the visuals and language. The Matt Borg Real Estate brand utilises a clean and minimal approach. With a restricted colour palette and refined typography and layout, the brand remains professional and accessible to those looking to engage in the property market.
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