Myrtle Estate - Tahmoor
Myrtle Estate - Tahmoor

Amongst the evergreen.

Myrtle Estate offers a unique opportunity for families to build their dream homes within a cul-de-sac community in Tahmoor, NSW. Positioned on land lots that merge seamlessly with the natural landscape, yet remain conveniently close to Greater Sydney's amenities, Myrtle Estate represents the best of both worlds. Named after Myrtle Creek Avenue, the estate's branding embodies the open and natural surroundings of Tahmoor, celebrated for its vast outdoor spaces, rolling hills, and native wildlife. The logo, featuring elegant flourishes and leaves extending from the 'Y', captures the essence of the native landscape. The brand's colour palette draws inspiration from Tahmoor's verdant scenery, offering a harmonious backdrop for a lifestyle that flourishes alongside nature.
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