Rodley Place - Penrith
Rodley Place - Penrith

Urban living, natural charm.

Rodley Place represents a distinctive collection of boutique apartments, strategically situated in Penrith's vibrant heart, balancing urban accessibility with the serene allure of nearby nature. This project, developed by Estate Property Group—a company with a history of successful collaborations with Creades—perfectly captures the dual essence of its location. In promoting Rodley Place, Creades designed a campaign that reflects the unique character of the development. With an emphasis on earthy tones, the campaign visually and thematically harmonises with Penrith’s blend of city life and natural beauty. The chosen tagline, "Urban Living, Natural Charm," succinctly captures the appeal of Rodley Place, highlighting its promise as an enclave of tranquillity amidst the bustle, appealing directly to those seeking a lifestyle that combines the best of both worlds.
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