Silkwood - North Kellyville
Silkwood - North Kellyville

Where the landscape defines the living.

Silkwood North Kellyville presents a modern and contemporary apartment building campaign in Sydney's north-west, celebrating the area's natural beauty. Silkwood offers an ideal outdoor lifestyle, harmoniously blending accessibility to Greater Sydney with the serene surroundings. The 'S' in the logo reflects the flowing natural elements of North Kellyville's landscape, embodying the seamless integration of nature and modern living. The tagline 'where the landscape defines the living' encapsulates the essence of Silkwood, highlighting the unique lifestyle offered by its location. The brand's pattern, inspired by the leafy backdrop, adds a stylish and cohesive graphic element to the marketing materials, enhancing Silkwood's appeal to those seeking a future home in harmony with nature.
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