The new standard in insurance and maintenance repairs.

Through research and a discovery workshop, Creades learned that Tenon was focused on streamlining the maintenance and repairs process. By providing a simple model with fixed-fee pricing and eliminating unnecessary steps in the workflow, Tenon prides itself on being simple, streamlined, and adaptive, presenting a company that was truly built around client convenience.

Tenon is the go-to maintenance option for larger property portfolios including companies, strata and real estate. The name ‘Tenon’ came from the ‘Mortise and Tenon’ woodworking joint where the Tenon acts as the load bearing piece, holding the joint together. This invisible and seamless approach to property maintenance was key to the branding as Tenon’s services offer the same peace of mind. Positioning themselves as the all-in-one property maintenance solution, Tenon provides trust that the job is done. For good.
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