The Muffat Collective
The Muffat Collective

It is the misshapen pearl that has the most stories to tell.

The Muffat Collective is a four-piece ensemble group that performs historical Baroque music. The term "Baroque," derived from the Portuguese word "Barocco," meaning "misshapen pearl," was adopted to criticise the Baroque era, known for its heavily ornamented style across music, art, and architecture. The strategy behind the brand revolves around the idea that it is the misshapen pearl that holds the most stories to tell. Creades utilised the symbol of a misshapen pearl in the brand and logo to represent the various facets of Baroque that have become synonymous with the era. The logo, an almost perfectly circular shape, is distorted with a flourish that intertwines and weaves throughout the entire brand, adding visual interest and capturing attention.
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04 Full
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