Turning your vision into reality.

Unibuilt are custom home builders with a single goal: to transform their client’s vision into reality. By tailoring their entire construction process for each project, Unibuilt take the time to understand the motivations and purpose driving each vision to ensure they deliver beautifully designed homes that will be enjoyed for lifetimes.

By taking a minimalistic approach, the branding for Unibuilt creates a refined and professional look to complement their purpose. The implementation of slim stroke elements creates an agile brand that is able to adapt to its application whether digital or print. When combined with a monotone colour palette and geometric typeface, the brand created is able to mould to fit their needs and be as timeless as the homes built by Unibuilt.
01 Full
02 Half
03 Half
04 Full
05 Half
06 Half
07 Full
08 Half
09 Half
10 Full
11 Half
12 Half