Vision. Journey. Outcome.

As experts in real estate value creation, Valquest is a diversified property development and project management business that focuses on more than just the outcome. By combining their tailored engagement process with their commitment to foster relationships with project partners, Valquest ensures they are able to innovatively achieve project objectives and deliver intelligent results.

Through extensive strategic discussions, Creades found an opportunity to highlight this process through their branding by showcasing how Valquest start with a vision, embark on a collaborative journey with their clients and achieve successful outcomes that achieve their vision and more. This formed the tagline ‘Vision. Journey. Outcome.’ which became the foundations for the brand. By assigning ‘Vision’ with a deep blue and ‘Journey’ with a bright red, ‘Outcome’ was assigned with a gradient of these contrasting colours representing how a successful outcome is only possible with through Valquest’s dedication to the ‘Vision’ and ‘Journey’.
01 Full
02 Half
03 Half
04 Full
06 Full
07 Full
08 Half
09 Half
10 Full
11 Half
12 Half
13 Full
14 Half
15 Half
16 Full
17 Half
18 Half
20 Half
21 Half